Congratulations on your child’s birth. Do you wonder about his faster growth? Don’t panic. I’m up with top-notch solutions to your concern. It is the most suitable time to teach your children about social interactions, develop their mental growth, and promote creativity. There’s first-come parent-child play. You need to be free and get in touch with your child. Spare your time, switch off your phone and television, get on the floor and enter your child’s magical world. But if you are a working mother and don’t have much time, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. We have one of the best nursery in Jumeirah. Send your growing kid to us and set yourself free.

Going to preschool helps your child in learning new things. It serves as a headstart to social and emotional developments. Your kid begins to learn to interact, create, solve and participate in different activities. Let us discuss some primary benefits that we implant in your child.

What are the services we are focusing on?

We are focusing on the betterment of our children. Our main aim is to make their roots strong.

Engaging curriculum:

Children love to explore new things and phenomena. When it comes to studies, they feel quite boring and not interested. We have made our curriculum according to it, in which we make sure that every child is engaged and learns with joy. We are not just letting them know what is the phenomena. We allow them to perform the practices regarding the natural and theoretical theories to learn and grow more accurately.

Doing and watching things with one’s own eyes make them learn more conveniently and with more fun and curiosity. This makes the child think and creates an urge to solve the puzzle or mystery regarding that theory or practical.

Yoga practices for toddlers:

Nature is a very beautiful gift of God. Everything runs according to nature. Connecting with nature can fill the immense pleasure in one’s heart and soul. The best way of connecting with nature is yoga. We provide professional guidance and the classes are done under the supervision of professionals to determine growth. We help our children to attain and create a sustained connection with nature by enhancing physical health with flexibility and firm strength.

Building up IQ level:

Along with yoga and other curriculum activities in the academic portion, it is crucial to building a child’s IQ level. Math plays an important role in this way. We let children solve exercises that need proper attention. For this, the kid needs to trigger most of his brain, thus boosting his IQ level. Children love to explore and learn new things until and unless things are provided in a familiar and friendly environment. Our preschool in Dubai focuses on every child and bringing up the best in them. We work on every child’s weak side and make sure that they overcome their weaknesses and flourish with success and prosperity.

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